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Setting off to Easedale Tarn, Grasmere.

Notoriously bad at taking holidays…

A combination of our busy legal and sales careers led our family to become known for being notoriously bad at taking holidays.  Far from living life to the full, we were squandering our time off by failing to plan time away from home and realized that we needed something that allowed us to be more spontaneous.  Our camper van was the answer.

Now able to take off without days of planning, our camper van is the key to living life to the fullest!  Equipped with everything we need, we can now kick our heels up in the country’s most beautiful landscapes, with the greatest of ease and throwing in some adventures, along the way.

New beginnings…

The 2022 season will start for us with a brand new camper van.  After some serious deliberations, we decided upon a Compass Avantgarde CV80, which is expected in August 2022.  Spacious yet nicely compact, there will be no need to worry about driving along our narrow country lanes, and with added touches of luxury and two double beds, long road trips will be all the more fun. Available for week-long self drive adventures, our camper van will be the key to your dreams of escape, too. We promise, you’ll fall in love!

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