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The family tree

Lake District Campers is family affair, husband and wife Craig and Stacy, a 9 year old, a 6 year old and a cuddly bear called Boris are in charge of the day to day running of the business.

Mostly, we keep family squabbling to a minimum and share a passion for campers, travel and the great outdoors.

Camping is in our blood

Craig and his family had various caravans throughout their childhood and spent many a summer touring around Western Europe as well as enjoying trips only a few miles down the road. You know the kind, where your grandparents come to visit for the day?

I, Stacy, on the other hand, lived holiday life under canvas or in a static caravan on the Western coast of Scotland. Lighting campfires, scavenging in rock pools and dodging midges! In fact, we have such good memories we’re still going back.

Campers beckoned

As grown-ups we discovered campers. In 2002 Craig and I took off around Europe for seven months in our much-loved VW Campervan, Hilton (above). Okay so we had to fill it with oil as often as diesel and we created a conga-style trail of cars behind us up every hillside, but the memories were priceless.

Putting our own stamp on it

Then came Norman (right), a Fiat Ducato that Craig converted in his spare time (before kids, when spare time existed). Norman came on many a ski holiday as well as plenty of biking trips in and around the Lakes. While he didn’t have all the mod cons that our rental camper has he was perfect for us….until things started to become a bit cramped!

Great for an adventure

A growing family

Our son, Fletcher’s arrival, saw the perfect excuse to upgrade and boy did we upgrade – Cue Larry! He came on many an adventure with us and was very accommodating of the growing family. We packed him full with travel cots, buggies and other baby-related paraphernalia and he made holidaying with a young family a breeze.

Lake District Campers is born

Meanwhile, Stacy’s brother Stuart had his head down in a workshop, lovingly converting VW T5 campervans for customers and test-driving a few for himself along the way. Stuart set-up and successfully ran Lake District Campers for three years before the rest of the family muscled in on the action.

The perfect balance

As our young family has grown, so too has our love affair with campers. In 2018 it was time to say goodbye to both Larry and Dexter, one too big for the gorges and villages of rural France where we love spending time, the other too small to holiday in the Lake District weather without risking divorce.

The 2019 season starts with a huge upgrade for us, and one we are very excited about. Meet Oakley, he’s spacious with touches of luxury, yet he drives like a dream, making long road trips all the more fun. Oakley is available for week-long self drive adventures. We promise, you’ll fall in love!


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